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based on Jonathan Swift


Gulliver’s third travel

A plan of travel:

The Flying Island



Majesty of Laputa

Revolt in Lindalino

Mister Munodi

A A stroll around Lagado

The Academy of Systematics

Profesor Mamadu, Grande Medium of Magician’s Island  


Seance which is Glubdubdribb


Rulers of Luggnagg

 Gentle Execution


The Hospital of Poor Immortal



Beata Kolak


Anna Lenczewska

Ewa Ryks (playing instruments)


Robert Żurek


Paweł Sanakiewicz (Gulliver’s voice) and also Richard Sympson

Scenario; staging; director and production: Wiesław Hołdys

Music of Flying Island: Ewa Ryks

Psychoacoustics: Maurycy J. Kin

Puppets’ design: Jan Polewka

Stage design cooperation: Katarzyna Jędrzejczak Translation into Czech language: Alma Haltof and Zbigniew Machej Assistant: Michał Rdzanek Metal's sculptures by Robert Calikowski

The Performance was realised thanks to financial help of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland (operational program: Promotion of Polish culture abroad) within the confines of a Project “ Gulliver which is travels” realised in co- production with VOS Herecka – PiDivadlo from Prague.


Opening night :  6th  November 2005

Written in XVIIIth century by Jonathan Swift novel “Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World ” is a fantastical and surrealistic description of four imagined travels in which the author cracks down on the whole mankind, it’s nature and all institutions created by it. People of every period of time, also at present times, can find their own characteristic, reflected like in the mirror and the accusation of their way of living in this extraordinary grotesque. Unfortunately, this great literary work addressed to adults was censored, mutilated and then deprived from its all drastic parts and good taste. Then it was thrown to the children’s room as an innocent tale of adventures to Lilliputian’s and Giant’s lands. In uncountable adaptations for children the third travel is permanently abandoned.

Our performance “Laputa & Lagado” is a stage adaptation of the third part of Swift’s novel describing the travel which begins on the flying island – Laputa and ends with a scene of visiting the land of immortals.


Producers cordially thank the following persons and institutions who helped to realize this Project:

Mr Jan Polewka

Mr Zbigniew Machej

Ms Alma Haltof

Mr Mirosław Jasiński and Polish Institute in Prague

Mr Jacek Milczanowski and Independent Theatres Association STEN in Cracow

Mr Jerzy Zoń and Theatre KTO in Cracow

Mrs Dorota Rudy – Rudkowska and Andrzej Bursa’ Youth Culture Centre in Cracow

Mr Adam Sroka and Powszechny Theatre in Radom


© 2006 Wiesław Hołdys