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“MUMERUS is a peculiar animal which always divides its prey or other food into eleven parts, ten of which it eats and reserves the eleventh for later.“ Benedykt Chmielowski(1700-1763), text from first Polish encyclopaedia

Theatre Mumerus, which was founded in 1999 by Wiesław Hołdys, is an association who has gathered together professional actors, directors, writers, musicians and painters. 

This is a NGO (Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Making Organisation). The board of directors works without payment and expenses for administration are limited to minimum.

The most important direction for Mumerus is the continual search for original inspiration and new theatre forms. Theatre Mumerus has only produced original works whose origins were mainly inspired from the non-dramatic sources. Mumerus is also searching for new performing venues - we appear in old cellars, in the open, prisons, old factories, plus small and larger theatres.

Since the beginning of its activity, Mumerus has been a member ofEUnetART (Amsterdam). We are also members of STEN - the Association of Non-Institutional Theatres in Krakow.

Theatre Mumerus have joined in international project theMagic-Net

Since the founding Teatr Mumerus has created following productions (majority of them were sponsored by the Municipality of Krakow and all were directed by Wieslaw Holdys):

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Mumerus performed at theatre’s festival in Poland and abroad: Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal,  Russia, Spain, Switzerland

Education, work with youth (in frames of theatre’s studio “Children of Mumerus”) and – by other hand – with prisoners there are others fields of Mumerus’ activity.


Education’s activity of Mumerus is connected to Magic Net project. Mumerus is Associated Theatre ofMagic Net.

Mumerus started working with youth from Institute of the Blind and Partially Sighted, Cracow in May 2002 and created with them theatre’s studio called “Children of Mumerus”. In this studio was created performance inspired by the polish romantic drama “Forefathers Eve – Part II” by Adam Mickiewicz. The tittle of the play was taken from an ancient folk celebration in East Poland held on All Souls’ Day which honours the Memory of the Dead. This is an archetype ceremony devoted to souls of ancestors. This performance was shown at Magic Net Annual Meeting in Frankfurt / Oder and also in several places in Cracow. During the Frankfurt’s Meeting youth from Mumerus taken part in workshop and crossover-event “Love in Europe” together with youth from all Europe under direction ofEmergency Exit of Art.

Youth’s Group of Mumerus took part also inSecond Annual Meeting in of Magic NetPalmela (Portugal) and in International Festiwal of Youth Theatres in Waldkirch (Germany)

In frames of this studio Mumerus and youth have made also art’s workshop like for example: “Romeo and Julie in 30 pictures” (photo – story) and: “4 elements in pictures”

Other step of education's activity was "Iwona / Yvonne" - coproduction with Youth Culture Center PUMPE in Berlin.

This is a cross between a theatre, a cabaret and a drama society. Founded in 1999, it aspires to become a mouthpiece of professional actors, directors, musicians and writers. As a member of an internationalEUnetARTnetwork it aims to appeal to an international audience.

The plays staged touch upon symbolism and are historical in nature but contemporary in form. They could be described as 'serious entertainment'.

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Mumerus in the way to Portugal: Zurich's airport

WIESŁAW HOŁDYS– Founder and Artistic Director of Teatr Mumerus.

Rozmiar: 3489 bajtów Born 1958 in Cieszyn – a divided city on the Polish-Czech border (Silesia). He now lives and works in Krakow. His theatre adventures started as a child, play-acting in Cieszyn’s puppet theatre “Brownies”. He graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow in 1984 with a diploma in Theatre Studies and achieved his diploma in stage directing at the State Theatre School in Krakow in 1988. He has worked as a stage director in many theatres in Poland, creating works inspired mainly by old Polish literature,German and Russian literature and inspired bysurrealism. His productions for children include among others: “Pinocchio ”from Collodi and “Alice in Wonderland” from Lewis Carroll. He writes the scenarios and adaptations for the majority of his productions himself. For example, “365 Dinners” was an old cooking book, which he adapted for the stage. He has lead many workshops in Poland and other countries. Texts for theatre projects, set designing, and photography are also among his accomplishments. For his artistic achievements, Wieslaw Holdys has received several prizes in Poland.


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