Teatr Mumerus
Wiesław Hołdys

Teatr Mumerus’ youth theatre workshops – a personal retrospective view

I am not a teacher. I am a theatre director. Like my director friends, my job consist of travelling from one theatre to another and directing plays written by someone, other than me. In my opinion, theatre as an organisation should be a dynamic activity which shouldn’t be restricted to the stage of a municipal theatre. For this reason, I accepted Magic-Net’s proposition to start an educational activity for which I had to bring a theatre workshop into existence.

I decided to start an educational programme and initiate a workshop for two basic reasons:

First of all – it was something entirely different for me, and new challenges are elementary in the curriculum of every artist since there is no worse enemy than routine.

Secondly – I saw a chance of broadening the social base for the existence of theatre through theatre education. I am convinced that through such a social action, theatre, as an organisation should have a responsibility for the community. In other words – artists, as beneficiaries of public funds, must prove in different ways that they are needed for the benefit of society.

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